What do schools say?

‘The children loved the animals and thought it was very funny!’
(Greentrees school, Wiltshire)

‘Any primary school would benefit from this!’
(Model School, Carmarthen)

‘Awesome! Cool! Funny! Fits well with PSHE and SEAL. Right from the start all the children were enthralled, from Y3 right up to Y6. The fact there was no fidgeting or talking proves this.’
(Parc Eglos, Cornwall)

‘The material was pitched exactly for the age groups. We followed up using excellent worksheets provided. Thoroughly enjoyed!’
(Model school, Carmarthen)

‘We all really enjoyed it! The highlights – all of it really!’
(Caer Drewyn, South Wales)

‘The children thought it was very funny, and afterwards were repeating ‘There’s gold in me and there’s gold in you!’’
(Carwe, South Wales)

‘The children (and staff!!!) really enjoyed it!’
(Oughtibridge, Sheffield)

‘Absolutely pitched right – the messages were skillfully delivered and the entire hall, adults included were in fits of laughter at 9.30 am on a wet Monday morning – I can’t think of a better way to start the week. It was fantastic to see the children so involved and having such great fun!’
(Cwm Glas, Caerphilly)

‘The children understood the messages clearly. They loved the characters and thought they were very funny!’
(Gwenfro, South Wales)

‘So very warm and friendly!’
(Garras, Cornwall)

‘Amazing feedback from staff. Get him back!’
(Parc Eglos staff room, Cornwall)

‘Pitched perfectly. I’ll book right now for next year!’
(Cwm Glas, Caerphilly)

‘Really, really fantastic!’
(Fishguard, Pembrokeshire)

‘That was really, REALLY good!’
(Nether Edge, Sheffield)

‘I will book you right now for a years time!’
(Deepcar St Johns, Sheffield)

‘That was so professional. Should be on TV.’
(Cwm Glas, Caerphilly)

‘My kids watch the DVDs all the time. The messages are so powerful!’
(Tycroes, South Wales)

‘My cheeks hurt from laughing!’

‘We all thought it was absolutely fabulous! It put smiles on lots of faces!’ (Brymbo, Wrexham)

‘I saw you working the puppet but was it you doing all the voices and everything? … Good God! I was sitting only a few metres away!’
(Head teacher, Carmarthen)

‘I loved the Penguin. She stole my heart!’
(Model, Carmarthen)